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Review: Rolemusic – Straw Fields [enrmp262]

Free netlabel music may not have penetrated the orchestral hall, or been streamed in luxury hotels. But one purpose it has achieved– it has supplied a lot of fun music for people with open minds. For me, chiptune is a bit of an anomaly– why go back to primitive electronics, when it comes time to create songs? The resolution is lower– everything sounds gritty, and well, ’80’s– so– why?

In Rolemusic’s “Straw Field”, I believe I have found an answer to this question– sheerly for fun. There is something very entertaining about these pieces. They are not without complexity, but have absolutely no pretension.

It all reminds me of watching a friend’s young son huddled over a portable Mario game last year. My imagined question, “Why”, is met with the equally, if not more appealing response, “Why NOT”?

Are you a fan of chiptunes? Not sure what they are? Either way, definitely check this release out, it is a sheer pleasure.

Straw Fields at

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A Quick Hello!

Hi all at Enough Records, and thanks for having me here as a contributor. I plan on offering occasional reviews and other content for this site.

If you are curious, much of my own work is available at this website:

I have appeared on Enough Records as the artist mystified and have been an active member of the netlabel scene for many years, also running Treetrunk Records.

I will enjoy networking with you all!

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