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Artist Spotlight: Muhmood

11/03/17 1 comment

Out of cold Russian Siberia Muhmood was formed as an experimental music project by Alexei Biryukoff. Mixing together visual influences from dark nature and abandoned civilization into sound bridging the dark ambient, drone, doom metal, experimental and noise.

Muhmood music is inspired by the foggy mornings in the forests and swamps, by the blasts of the wind blowing heated sand in the deserts, by the sound of cranky engines in the factories and roaring electricity in the huge power lines. Sound is like emotion, it ranges from rage and sorrow to love and joy, i am not here to impress you with some concept or exquisite musical terms, i hardly know why i am doing this – i just follow my instincts and enjoy myself making this noise…

We have two releases of Muhmood available free for download at Enough Records.

Muhmood – Tamara and Demon [enrmp174]
– Cinematic dark ambient soundtrack of the 3D cartoon created By Nikolay Aladinskiy and Petr Bobryshev – St. Petersburg, Russia.

Виктор Iванiв & Muhmood – Rùt [enrmp216]
– An EP collaboration with Виктор Iванiв (Victor Ivaniv) a futurist poet. They met in November 2007 when Victor came to Barnaul with a presentation of his book “A Glass Man and the Green Record”. At that time they decided to try to do 2 or 3 tracks to see what would come out. By June 2009 the four tracks EP is done. They continue to work on a long playing album that will include Victor’s poems and prose.

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Artist Spotlight: The Silence Industry

The Silence Industry is a Canadian gothic rock project with some glimpses of experimental psychedelism. Their sound is experimental in nature, combining elements of post-punk, industrial, noise, dream-pop, psychedelia and goth-rock into a sound of their own.

We originally debut the project in 2007 with the release of their self-titled album.

Download from
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A few other releases ensued at Ekleipsi, under the Black Rose netlabel collective and more recently also for sale at afmusic:
Dead Words Stolen From The Walls of Brave New Cell Blocks [eleipsi14]
The Edge of Illusion [ekleipsi58]
The Realm of Rust [blackrose]

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Artist Spotlight: David Velez

10/04/02 1 comment

Columbian David Velez aka Lezrod, nowdays based in New York, originally came to our attention back in 2005 through his releases on one of the best Portuguese netlabels, Test Tube, and also the much acclaimed Zymogen. His work often surrounds what is usually described as experimental space ambient, and we like that kind of soundscapes very much, so we had no problems accepting his demo submission when he presented us with the Desayuno EP, which became enrmp108 in April 2007.

Download from
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You can check his website at and his myspace account for more news and releases.

Recently David Velez has been involved with the birth of a new netlabel also related to Test Tube. It is called Impulsive Habitat and is dedicated to field recordings.

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Artist Spotlight: Sektor 304

10/01/24 1 comment

Sektor 304 is a Portuguese duo doing industrial music. They do dark crescendo sounds out of amplified junk-metal, some electronics and a few guttural vocals, with high focus on tribal percussions and the apocalyptic noise. The description might sound too eclectic, but it actually works quite well together.

They been gathering extremly positive reviews lately for their Malignant Records album release titled “Soul Cleansing”. You can spot them being praised at smother, azm, crucial blast, gothtronic, modisti, freak animal, plague haus and even on a few Portuguese national publications, where these genres are usually completly ignored.

Quoting from the label infopage: In three decades, Industrial music, due to its tangible form, has given birth to numerous interpretations and splintered factions. What’s indisputable, is that most of what is actually defined as “industrial” has ultimately become more about entertainment than confrontation and far removed from the original intent. This is the context in which Sektor 304 has appeared. Equipped with a frightening and impressive array of primitive instrumentation pulled from junkyards and scrap metal heaps, this Portuguese outfit has delivered an astounding formal debut – a heady mixture of truly old school industrial in the vein of Einsturzende Neubauten, Test Dept , and S.P.K , and the grinding, bass heavy dirge of vintage Swans and Godflesh . These are anthems to the past, but geared towards an apocalyptic and bleak future… a form of counter-culture using what is most evident in modern western society: the debris, the abandoned objects, the waste, the noise, and the interference.

With a solid foundation of rusty, oil drenched percussion, Sektor 304 adds layer upon layer of squalling industrial clangor, hammering metallic noise, grimy atmospheres, heaving masses of haunted factory drones, and threatening tribal batter, with a strong and commanding vocal presence. The sound here is almost physical in nature – provocative, persistent, and demanding. An organic impulse filled with shamanic drifts in which the noise barrage allies itself with metallic rhythmics and the use of concrete elements in the compositions. Junk, plastics, amplified objects. A change of scale. A manipulation of non-musical sounds in search of visual inductions trying to bring forward the sequences of Tsukamoto or situations invoked by J.G. Ballard. The conflict between man and machine as a metaphor of the struggle of man against himself. A mix and weight of three decades of sonic subversion.

It can be said that to find the future of music, one must look to the past, drawing influence from prior achievements, yet forging a new identity, and sculpting something completely unique and distinct. With Sektor 304, the future is now, and it’s not entertaining. In 6 panel digipak, mastered by Steel Hook Audio.

So yeah, if you haven’t heard of them, and regardless if you’re into industrial sounds or not, you should defnitly check them out and buy the album.

The reason why you should already know them by now, if you follow our catalogue, is for their participation in two of our compilations: “This Is Industrial [PT]”, covering the active Portuguese industrial scene; “Falésia 3”, covering the Portuguese dark ambient scene; And a split album with ps titled “ps vs Sektor 304”. All of which released free for download at the Enough Records website.

[enrcmp13] Falésia 3
[enrcmp12] This Is Industrial [PT]
[enrmp154] ps vs Sektor 304 – ps vs Sektor 304

At this point you should know that ps is actually a project from the person typing these words.

I believe the first Sektor304ian i met was André Coelho. Probably through his personal project Sparagmos, maybe from browsing myspace, i’m not sure anymore. But i’m quite confident the first time i physically met him was at the Justice Yeldham concert at Casa Viva, organized by Soopa, where we both finally realized there actually are other industrial noise fetishists around in our very hometown. Couple weeks later we set up a quick drop off meeting in a subway station downtown Porto, where he offered me a cdr (probably to put out enrmp124 – Sparagmos feat Kenji Siratori – Corpse City through Enough) and told tales of his misery having to self-promote an upcoming concert of his other project called Kult in Lisbon. Perhaps the order of events is the exact opposite. Regardless, these are my first memories of having met him.

A little while later i invited him to play at the Enough Noise event i was organizing at Fábrica de Som, for which he also designed the flyer. Not much audience turn out as expected, but it was a great gig. Perhaps it was then that we decided to try out some noise jams together, and a few weeks later i realized the origin of the 304 on the Sektor 304 as i entered their shared studio at a very aged, run down, and nowdays quite mythical, shopping mall in Porto called Stop.

It was probably only then that i got to know abit better the other member of the duo, João Filipe, he was introduced to me as a drummer, active in several other bands ranging from punk rock to experimental jazz, and working during his week days at one of the few remaining record stores in Porto.

While André was trying to set up all the wires to record things properly i showed João how a few of my Jeskola Buzz glitch noise setups worked. His reaction was something in the lines of “holy fucking crap, this is gonna be interesting, we will be deaf by the end of the session!” We didn’t really plan anything for that session. We just waited for all the wiring to be ready to record and started playing whatever we felt like. It was the most fun i had playing music in years. No judgmental bullshit, no you should do this or you should do that, just play, feel what the other is doing and play. Finally, i was free. The session was great, we had a few climaxes and slowdowns. We were partly deaf when it was over but were still curious enough to check out the recording imediately after. And it was sounding just as great and somewhat disturbing. So we agreed to put it out on Enough as soon as possible: André did some artwork and minor mastering tweaks and a couple weeks later enrmp154 was out.

A few live concerts of ps vs Sektor 304 ensued, where we managed to make people either leave in terror or stand in awe. ps vs Sektor 304 sounds alot different from either ps alone or Sektor 304 alone and i must say that I’m quite pleased with all the well deserved recognition they been getting on their new album. Hope to see them tour in a near future.

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Artist Spotlight: Aktivehate

10/01/21 1 comment

Aktivate is an harsh electro project by ISK. For those who don’t know what harsh electro is, imagine some extremly intense electronic distorted sounds pounding hard with an aggressive dark ominous voice growling in pain and hate.

Or just press play on the youtube player below.

Probably not work friendly wherever you might be located, and defnitly not for the pop hearted, so consider yourself warned. But it’s quite worth checking out regardless if you’re into the genre or not.

Quoting from the site:

aktivehate is the brainchild of ISK, also driving force behind PsychotekTrauma, VexXxeR, Anxiety Disorder and Lokomotiv.

Created in 2007 to explore a slightly different vein of sound, aktivehate evolved into a presence of it’s own, slowly defining itself as more than just a secondary offshoot. Dealing with both hate and love, pain and pleasure, this music strives to touch all the spektrum of human feelings.

Dirty, dark, and vicious. Hurtful, sorrowful and hateful.

If you been following Enough releases catalogue you have seen his work on atleast 5 of our releases.

[enrmp114] PsychotekTrauma – Human
[enrmp176] VexXxeR – Power Industrial
[enrmp197] aktivehate – Corrosive Intent
[enrmp219] aktivehate – Washed in Blood
[enrcmp12] This is Industrial [PT]

Back in 2007 we were throwing around the idea of organizing some alternative electronic concerts. Luiz Soncini suggested a colaboration with Enough Records to kick off the Hypnotikcircuit events in Porto. I said “rock on”, we got a date booked and things started rolling.

I was in charge of putting together a demoshow, to show off the digital art underground; And we needed an active project to showcase his work, Soncini first suggested PsychotekTrauma, which i had listened and loved. Not sure on the order of events anymore but i eventually asked Alex for an EP and a concert, and he agreed. The concert had some technical difficulties but we had a full house none the less.

Hypnotikcircuit is still being organized by Soncini on occasion. The next date is the 29th of January, showcasing another Enough Records release artist by the name of Systemic Failure.

A few months later PsychotekTrauma sadly died out as a project, other projects from Alex, such as Aktivehate, emerged in it’s place. Both of the EPs released at Enough gathered high praise reviews from followers of the genre all over the world. As a curiosity: since their release both of the EPs are two of the highest weekly scrobbled Enough releases on

Grapevine has it that the debut CD album “In Terrorem” is coming very soon, probably February, through Advoxya Records. (ad-hun-47-cd. AKTIVE.HATE “In Terrorem” So keep your eyes open, if you enjoyed listening to his free music in the past, now is the time to show it and support his work by pre-ordering the CD as soon as it becomes available.

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[enrmp240] Waste Disposal Machine – Recycled

flyer Waste Disposal Machine tour Nos próximos meses os Waste Disposal Machine irão estar ocupados com a segunda fase de promoção do seu álbum de estreia, “Interference” [Thisco, Thisk.053]. Faro, Albufeira, Loulé, Tomar, Leiria, Torres Novas e Portalegre são as cidades nas quais a banda tem já confirmadas actuações. A banda encontra-se entretanto a negociar outras datas que serão oportunamente divulgadas.

29 Janeiro: Faro – Arcádia
30 Janeiro: Guia/Albufeira – FNAC Algarve
30 Janeiro: Loulé – Bar Bafo de Baco
20 Fevereiro: Tomar – Lagares d’El Rei
27 Fevereiro: Leiria – Beat Club
27 Março: Torres Novas – Café-concerto do Teatro Virgínia
16 Abril: Portalegre – Café-concerto do Centro de Artes do Espectáculo

No mês de Fevereiro, os Waste Disposal Machine lançarão o EP “Recycled” que incluirá várias remisturas de três dos temas incluídos em “Interference”. ‘I Sign the Body Electric’, ‘Girl within a Motorcycle’ e ‘Home Sweet Home’ são os três temas alvo de reciclagem por vários projectos com os quais a banda tem mantido próximas relações de colaboração e cumplicidade. Esta edição estará disponível para download gratuito através da netlabel Enough Records e também em formato CD-r [apenas nos concertos que a banda irá realizar nos próximos meses].

Waste Disposal Machine online:
Vimeo Channel:
TouTube Channel:

Artist Spotlight: Jari Pitkänen

10/01/18 4 comments

One of our most reknown Suomi release artists on Enough Records goes by the name of Jari Pitkänen.

He barely has any online presence apart from his myspace profile and a Soundcloud account. Recently taking up the new artist name of Varia in a compilation release through Dominance Records and a self-run online radio stream (in collaboration with Juho ‘Blamstrain’ Hietala) on his freetime from Sound Designing for mobile phone videogames at Mr.Goodliving.

I originally met Jari through an Italian demoscene friend of mine during one of my journeys to Finland. I believe his words were somewhere in the line of: “You should meet Jari, he does strange music, you like strange music, you will probably like him.” And then called Jari up to tell him “You should meet ps, he has a netlabel and also does some strange music, so he’ll probably like your stuff.” So i met him, an extremly shy guy with a huge tattoo covering his entire arm. He didn’t chatter that much but promised to send me a demo by email sometime in a near future.

As it turns out Jari was also a demoscener under the moniker of 1in10, in the highly prolific MFX demogroup. In fact he is one of the founders of the group, along with Jarno ‘216’, highschool classmates, which put out one of the first releases of MFX: a musicdisk called Digital Sonic. With the growth of the group he became less active in the group, but kept producing new music despite his work not being used much in any demos. Only in more recent years with the “controversial” demo The Ballet Dancer did the demoscene audience start reading his handle again in a “scene” production. And like with most musicians involved with experimental works in the demoscene, his work was often socially ridiculed and disregarded as mediocre “artyfaggot” experiments. The most prominent example of this fact being the infamous wwc video which was stopped during it’s premiere at a video competition at the Breakpoint demoparty which i had the missfortune of experiencing live. One of the very reasons i personally stopped regarding the demoscene as a valid channel for open audiovisual expression and experimentation.

Jari’s latest work was recently used in a demo made by Jugi / Komplex. Titled Namesia, of which you can see a youtube video capture below.

But going back to how i met Jari, one day i received an email from an hellokitty domain. Which was by itself bloody awesome. Who the hell has an hellokitty domain email account? Well, Jari ‘1in10’ Pitkänen did and was proud to use it. His messages were usually short and to the point, link dump and an occasional “do you like it?” Which didn’t bother me at all to tell you the truth, quite the contrary. We swapped a few emails about our sounds, some references about idm, some ethereal drone ambient and female opera vocalist recommendations that he had found in local library old musical records. It was all about discovery of new sound languages and exploring them.

I loved his tracks, releases ensued.

[enrmp042] Jari Pitkänen – Conv
[enrmp045] Jari Pitkänen – Time Exp
[mir011] Jari Pitkänen – Conv Exp
[enrmp149] Jari Pitkänen – Lumien
[enrmp150] Jari Pitkänen – Kuu

Jari’s sound can be described as celestial ambient: lonely, cinematic; slightly ethereal, slightly dark. Sounds that are always extremly introspective and with a character trait of a very soothing nature that resonates in all of his releases.

Perfect sounds for lonely autumn nights coding, sketching, or simply drinking a warm cup of milk under the candle light.

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