First there was a huge explosion. And so the universe was born, according to a couple scientist folks. Then came the dinosaurs, and they roamed free on the cruel prosper land beseeched upon them. Then probably came a comet and wiped most of them out with a pretty hardcore ice age. Then the humans learned to comunicate, and music was abused aplenty to mate and lure and scare and inspire. Then capitalism fucked everything up. And we didn’t like it much. So we decided to start Enough Records!

Enough Records is a Portuguese netlabel. We promote and distribute music from artists who agreed to release through us – for free. If you like our music please share it with your friends.

This enoughrec.wordpress.com is just our blog, we only use it to publish articles. For the free download goodies you should go to our homepage. Or search the internet, we are listed in plenty of places.

Active members right now:
ps – founder, curator and main culprit of further activity. Based in Portugal.
yousir – British writer assimilated to fuel our blog with more food for thought and some occasional reviews.
ramzesxiii – Polish writer focusing on reviews, promotion and managing our upcoming Jamendo and Bandcamp presence.
mystified – Artist, helping us out writing netaudio reviews.
– mindboosternoori
– deckhard

Still looking for a few good men (or women) to give us a hand.

Previous helping hands:
– inf*, harv3st (founders, enough radio)
– dMG, aBHO, ne7, Ansichrist, Dipswitch (ascii support)
– André Coelho, Helder Costa, Joana Dias, Nuno Faria, Timo Harju (cover design)
– Genox (logo)
– EviL (cdr printing)
– Ana Maria, Maria, Andreia (post-office couriers)
– Dipswitch (enough dubs compilation series curator)
– Fábrica de Som, Luiz Soncini, dj replycant, Amplifica Som, industrialPT, Soundfactory, UáUá, SSS Collective (event organizing)
– MiMi, TestTube, Phonotactics, Entity, Apegnine, Thisco (label support).

Sorry if you’re not on this list. Please do get in touch and give us a good reason to include you.
Always looking for more helping hands and opportunities to bring netaudio to the spotlight.

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