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Artist Spotlight: Muhmood

Out of cold Russian Siberia Muhmood was formed as an experimental music project by Alexei Biryukoff. Mixing together visual influences from dark nature and abandoned civilization into sound bridging the dark ambient, drone, doom metal, experimental and noise.

Muhmood music is inspired by the foggy mornings in the forests and swamps, by the blasts of the wind blowing heated sand in the deserts, by the sound of cranky engines in the factories and roaring electricity in the huge power lines. Sound is like emotion, it ranges from rage and sorrow to love and joy, i am not here to impress you with some concept or exquisite musical terms, i hardly know why i am doing this – i just follow my instincts and enjoy myself making this noise…

We have two releases of Muhmood available free for download at Enough Records.

Muhmood – Tamara and Demon [enrmp174]
– Cinematic dark ambient soundtrack of the 3D cartoon created By Nikolay Aladinskiy and Petr Bobryshev – St. Petersburg, Russia.

Виктор Iванiв & Muhmood – Rùt [enrmp216]
– An EP collaboration with Виктор Iванiв (Victor Ivaniv) a futurist poet. They met in November 2007 when Victor came to Barnaul with a presentation of his book “A Glass Man and the Green Record”. At that time they decided to try to do 2 or 3 tracks to see what would come out. By June 2009 the four tracks EP is done. They continue to work on a long playing album that will include Victor’s poems and prose.

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  1. 11/03/17 at 19:52

    His art is excellent. I feature a track of Muhmood’s here: http://www.archive.org/details/Sailors_Of_The_Indian_Ocean_Mix .

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