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Review: Yair López – epep popo

Sometimes when music is just annoying enough, it no longer annoys me but entertains, and this is the case with Yair Lopez’ “epop popo”, from the Amplified Music Pollution netlabel. In lieu of a beat, there is a kind of repetition, but it is manual– presumably it is Mr. Lopez tweaking a setting on a toy or other gadget using circuit-bending techniques. This creates very nice glitch material– especially with tracks like “Altamar”, which is my favorite. In “Altamar”, all varieties of static and electrical sounds are represented, thanks to Mr. Lopez’ expert circuit-noodling. Machines can be musical– perhaps that is no surprise to some, but in cases for me it was like watching the YouTube video of the elephant that could paint itself.

Releases like these can serve many purposes– for me “epop popo” is both fun to listen to and generative in terms of the kinds of sounds possible. This release would make an excellent source for remixers. I also think that some of the sounds could be explored in a design setting, such as sound effects for a film. Abstract noises like these are so versatile! If any of these thoughts intrigue, I would urge you to have a listen to Yair Lopez’ fine circuit bending release,

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