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Review: Texture – Synaesthesia


SYNAESTHESIA – TEXTURE (Black Lantern Music)

A while back I reviewed ‘Aphasia‘, an EP from Texture which, like ‘Synethesia’, came out on the Black Lantern Music label, one of my favourites since back in the days of The Creative UnCommons and a reliable source for intelligent (and seldom pretentious) Hip Hop and Trip Hop. I largely had good things to say about Texture back then and not much has changed since fortunately.

The beats on Synaesthesia (again coming from a couple of sources including the returning Morphamish and Salem Anders alongside lyrical contributions from Kid Ritalin on ‘Non-Sequitr’) are a little subtle for my tastes, with only a couple of obvious (and interestingly original) hooks to hold the attention but that’s clearly partly by intent rather than a lack of forethought as the general feel with Texture is more of a confined sound, with beats and lyrics merging together in a hypnotic flow. Which would be a problem but for the fact that lyrically there’s enough here to make the rhythmic foundation make sense.

So, on to that lyrical side of things, Texture retains the same predilection for melodic yet densely packed delivery which demands more than a single listen to properly start to fully appreciate but then that’s no bad thing and the demanding blocks are balanced out by a handful of well constructed interludes within tracks which are light enough to strike some compromise. There’s added interest in seeing the identity of Scottish alongside other UK Hip Hop breaking down into recognisable voices and continuing down the path to sounding like an independent entity, free, in part, from the traditional behemoth of the US which has long been the cultural looting pot over here. A sense of self already blossoming at times but still outside of the majority and the general consensus on the genre.

Anyway, that’s a bit off topic so ‘Synaesthesia’, another quality release and well worth a download.

On a bit of a side-note ‘The Dawn View’ a track from this release was just featured on the rather spiffy Density of Sound CC podcast which you can check out here.

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