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Review: Rivers of Ashes – Breaching the Fabric [wh149]

I am somewhat active at the forum for a major ambient label, and a big discussion there is about how the ambient scene is being destroyed by certain types of music. The old timers at the board are especially upset by all of the free releases of a drone-ey nature coming out. I guess the fear is that that type of music will replace old school ambient cds, sentimentally for sale at the record shop.

I myself am not sentimental in this way, and I choose to embrace free music. I also really enjoy good drones. I suppose it’s people like myself— and Rivers of Ashes– who will be writing the epitaph for the ambient scene of the ’00’s.

However, I believe we will enjoy doing it. This release, “Breaching the Fabric”, is absolutely stunning, full of lush sounds and dark chords. The compositions are not dauntingly complex, but they are certainly active enough, with plenty of acoustic touches added. The effect of listening is similar to, say, a Roach-ian “Immersion” piece, but, I have to say, better, with quiet changes continuing to evolve. Never is the listener trapped in this sensation of being fed simply a loop.

Bravo to Rivers of Ashes– I anxiously await hearing more of their quality dark ambient / drone material.

Listen here: http://www.archive.org/details/wh149

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