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Review- Petcord Volume 1 – The Audio Fringe [pc1110-01]

“Petcord Volume 1 – The Audio Fringe” is the netlabel Petcord’s first compilation, released after several years of development. Petcord specializes in “electroacoustic, dark ambient, drone and otherwise experimental feedback, clicks and crackling loops that fail to comply to stereotypes”. The music of this compilation reflects Petcord’s choice in genres nicely.

Because different artists are represented, styles vary a bit, as do tonalities. Djozr’s “Saturation” sounds smoother and dronier than Keiner’s more electroacoustic “Nagasaki”, for example. Ryan Gregory Tallman’s “In Threes” is composed of deep, fluid chanting sounds, while Paolino Canzoneri’s “Stahlwerk In Aufruhr” is devilishly experimental and full of textures and whispers. In spite of this variation, there is, overall, a sense of coherence, in that all tracks are dark in aesthetic and are not silly or poppy. The compilation’s artists present a mood that is deep and consistent.

I found myself realizing things about my own listening habits– I had often wanted to assemble a longform mix of dark ambient and industrial sounds to create a sort of “endless apocalyptic city-scape”, yet in many ways, a compilation such as “The Audio Fringe” would do the job nicely, saving me the trouble of hunting down good songs. A nice mix of music like this one I could listen to for hours.

I honestly can’t choose a favorite track– they all work well. I hope this is an indication of where things are headed for Petcord, that is an exciting idea.

Petcord Volume 1- The Audio Fringe.

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