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Review- Mystahr- ‘Experimentabolismic Fashion’

Mystahr, the inspiring and mercurial spirit behind NTNS Radio, the JNN Netlabel, and other audio entities, also creates his own music. By all reports, he has been active in 2010 in this way, working on live sets with other artists as well as on solo material. It is in this context that I place “Experimentabolismic Fashion”– an experimental piece with live elements.

Phrases gyrate past the ears– lower drone-ey throbs, somewhat looped, and higher details, sounding almost like a sped-up tape. It’s the kind of experimenting that would be fun to do in a nice studio, running sounds through processes, tweaking knobs. Luckily, Mystahr has the judgement to limit himself a bit, and I mean this in a positive sense.

It would be easy for edgy recordings such as this one to run astray from too much chaos or out-and-out noise, but Mystahr keeps himself expertly in check, using only certain layers. This adds to the tension of the piece and also to its listenability. Later, in fact, the listener encounters minimal sounds, as the throbs and squeals are reduced to pulsing drones, allowing for a relaxation of the ears and mind. These reduced sounds seem to be a natural development in the piece. Coupled with mild distortion, they are indeed pleasing.

So check out this nice recording from Mystahr and suRRism-Phonoethics Netlabel: http://www.archive.org/details/sPE_0053

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