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Review- Drone Wallah – Womble-cropped [wh138]

C.P. McDill is a big name in the netlabel scene. His netlabel Webbed Hand Records has been very popular and is often identified with the best of ambient music freely available. He himself participates in a number of projects, such as Djinnestan and Saluki Regicide. Recently, the industrious Mr. McDill began another project: “Drone Wallah”.

“Womble-cropped” is a Drone Wallah release, and it gives listeners a notion of the kind of music to expect from the project. Shiny, resonant drones, that portament about, moving between various tones and harmonics, are represented. The sound of these drones is actually unique, in that it is neither acoustic to my ears nor digital, and somewhere between drone and ambient, as well.

At first my favorite piece was the title track, which is very haunting indeed, but after more listens, the track “The Devil’s Paternoster” grew on me, with it’s slightly darker leanings.

C.P. McDill has always been an innovator, and in this case, he seems to have adopted some new means of creating audio. Much of Drone Wallah’s newness involves its ability to span moods, modes and genres, all within the (presumably) limited realm of drone music. Check it out: Womble-cropped at Archive.org.

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