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Review: Digital Mass- Constant 28 [treetrunk122]

The concept of an anonymous collective is interesting, and makes me wonder how many famous musicians have given themselves other names– not obvious ones like “Ziggy Stardust”, but even stranger, more obscure names, that we have never heard. For Digital Mass, who have written this piece, are an anonymous collective. Here we see they are from Norway. But we do not know who they are or how many.

The release itself is quite appealing, being a thick industrial drone, one single piece, with blissful harmonics washing through. It sounds like a cycle of some sort is at work, but if loops are used, it is hard to say. According to the notes, this is a “Constant” piece– meaning a piece that provides as little as possible for listening and is drone in nature.

In these days of maximum entertainment– 3d movies, hi-resolution interactive video games, and other fare, perhaps it does indeed make sense to use the technology to create something more minimal and sustained. Critics of this piece might call it monotonous or boring, but listening carefully reveals certain shiftings in the composition that add enough complexity for my ears, without making it extremely active or over-the-top like lots of entertainment.

Perhaps “Constant 28” fits into the original definition of ambient– something with passive qualities that fits pleasingly into the background. I feel that it does, and that the layers of the piece create a sense of reassurance and engagement. I hope that we hear more from Digital Mass.

Listen to “Constant 28” here: Constant 28 at Archive.org.

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