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Review: Fosel- The Difference Machine [pc1209-01]

Fosel’s “The Difference Machine” is named after an early automated device. Although in its liner notes, much is made of the mechanical nature of the pieces in this release, I was personally struck by the qualities of the music that are not mechanical.

Fosel’s music is abstract but pleasing and I feel that a lot of detail has been given to the sounds themselves. There is a nice acoustic separation between instances of sound, different hues from the tonal spectrum are used. Often sounds have a three-dimensional quality, where foreground and aft can be recognized. And always where a simple drone could have been used, more effort is made, and tiny sonic details are added– percolations, tinnings– perhaps, we should say, as from the liner notes– the workings of tiny gears in The Difference Machine.

The music is dark, certainly, but then good, dark music is Petcord’s cup of tea, and I enjoy it, as well. I hope that the composer Fosel won’t mind if I call him out a bit from behind his giant apparatus and admit that I believe that it is his aural mastery that makes this release work so very well.

Get it here:The Difference Machine at Petcord Netlabel.

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