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Review: Gridline – Passages & Satellites [foot158]

Sometimes music comes to me like birds fly– in groups, changing directions in similar ways. As with some releases previously reviewed here, it is not the complexity, in a compositional sense, that I enjoy about the tracks on Gridline’s Bump Foot release. In fact, it is their simplicity. What is it, about simple compositions using basic synthesizer sounds, that has always been enjoyable for me? Ever since the days of Kraftwerk, I have enjoyed such songs. Maybe it is because I am aware of the work that went in to creating and assembling the (synthetic) sounds themselves.

Using such essential synth sounds, many moods are covered, from the joyous to the morose. Standouts venture also into realms of anomie or similar complex modern moods, such as with “Weak Signals Type Two”.

Production is smooth and sounds are from the roots of electronica with “Passages & Satellites”, definitely worth a trip through time for enjoyment. Find it here:

Passages & Satellites at Archive.org

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