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Review: Dyman – The Megazine [enrmp254]

Truth be told, “The Megazine” has quite a bit of variety. There are different levels of energy, different genres, really, of electronic music represented. Some tracks are cold and deep and chill and others are fast-paced and full of fire. A common element is a certain grittiness, which I find refreshing after all of the super-slick overproduced stuff I have heard of late.

I did not want to say “The Megazine” is a “mixed bag” because that always has negative connotations. But it is a mixture in a positive sense– if you like electronic music, you are bound to find something here that appeals to you.

For me, and those who know my music will not be surprised, it is the slower, colder, darker moments that appeal, where Dyman takes things down to a beat, a powerful bass and a few glitchy sounds to round out the mix. That is when “The Megazine” works best for me– when I feel that I am escaping the city in the dead of night. See which tracks you like?

“The Megazine” at Archive.org

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