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Review: Firnwald – Likethere [enrmp252]

IDM can be a tricky genre, claiming to be both “intelligent” and “dance” music, but this release pulls off both nicely. Tracks are smooth without being glib, well-produced, and most importantly, they are filled with activity.

To any non-artists out there, allow me to explain– active tracks with lots of interest and changes in them take lots of work to create. This is where the hours of labor come in– the tiny details. And Firnwald’s IDM tracks in “Likethere” are full of such details– change-ups, tiny sounds, oscillations. And it’s all done so nicely, with coherence.

The occasional insertion of a female vocal works nicely, as well as musical influences from both sides of the Atlantic. Track 4 resembles a jazzy vibe from the U.S. a bit, while most other tracks carry a cooler European feel.

Firnwald is a relative newcomer to me but I am glad to make their acquaintance and to hear them here. “Likethere” is a nice release to pass the hours drifting along, admiring the intelligent dance-able scenery.

Download here: http://www.archive.org/details/enrmp252_firnwald_-_likethere

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