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Enough Genres: Drone

Back to drone season at Enough Records. First with a compilation of remixed works by Mystified – Mystified Drone Medley [enrcmp15] and now also with the full length album by Konstantin Elfimov – Several Days of Static Happiness [enrmp249].

But what exactly is drone music?

Drone is a genre coined around minimal soundscapes that slowly fluctuate in tone and texture. It’s very interlinked with ambient music in general, and space ambient in particular. Drone sounds are commonly associated with states of peace and introspection. Bridging from the more celestial ambient kind of sounds where your mind can float in the sea or in the clouds, to the more introspective dark ambient, exploring the alien and unknown. Some drone is heavily related to a special type of metal coined drone metal by evangelist projects earth and sunn-o))). Other types of drone are also associated with early electronic ambient experimentalist projects such as Philip Glass, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Robert Fripp & Brian Eno, Robert Rich, Steve Roach. More recently, projects such as Stars of The Lid, have popularized the genre slightly.

We love drone sounds at Enough Records! Hence we have quite a few releases in the genre.

For example, Jari Pitkänen (already previously spotlighted), has a distinct celestial cinematic drone sound to his work (Numiana [enrmp243], Conv [enrmp042], Time Exp [enrmp045]). Here is a video by our friend Nosfe using a track by Jari Pitkanen.

Some dronescapes releases feel as a journey exploring nature, a quest to find the inner peace lost in isolated places, be it forests, lakes, dead cities: Dyman – Island [enrmp222], Acreil – Gray Music [enrmp093], Lithis – Untitled EP [enrmp060], rngmnn – off the bridge [enrmp039], rngmnn – problem area rdw [enrmp062], rngmnn – know your city [enrmp085].

Others have a darker tension associated: Proyecto de Prueba / Void>Null – Proyecto de Prueba & Void>Null [enrmp203], AVOIDANT – Prelude to an Eon [enrmp185].

Or even a sense of wonder for the unknown: seetyca – das zubrochene antlitz [enrmp187], arciv ev noise – maintenant [enrmp140].

Other drone releases simply float in space: Lee Rosevere – Daigao [enrmp137]

Hope we helped you find some nice music with this post. Long live the drone. :)

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