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Enough Relations: MiMi

Running a netlabel for nearly a decade always comes with baggage, you end up sharing artists, releases, promotional work, all things related to a common goal: promote netaudio. Enough Records has made plenty of friends along the road, we’ll use this new category of posts to explain some of them and take the wonderful oportunity to promote some of the best releases out there we wish we had in our catalogue.

MiMi is a portuguese netlabel, focusing on Portuguese and Japanese releases only. I believe the word in Japanese also means ear. We originally met Fernando, the curator of MiMi, before MiMi was actually born. He participated in a couple demoscene events we had organized and showed great enthusiasm with all things digital art, from photoshop design to the chiptune scene. He also had a very strong obsession with all things related to Japan, which we happened to share but not to his extreme extent. I recall we had just then recently founded Enough and Fernando was sharing some thoughts with us on wanting to do something similar with a friend from Lisbon (which we later came to realize to be the current curator of Monocromática + TestTube, Pedro Leitão). A couple years passed, Monocromática gave birth to TestTube but Fernando didn’t join their ranks, instead he formed his own netlabel: MiMi.

To be completely honest i didn’t really like MiMi’s quality control in the early years of it’s existence, the Portuguese and Japanese releases only quirk was cute, but beyond that constraint they seemed to be releasing everything and anything that was submited and that’s just no good if you want your label to have a good name. But then again, they were openly into experimental, and taste in quality of music is quite subjective, so what do i know? One thing is certain, among many of their releases that meant nothing to me, i found many true gems hidden in the dark, for example this mytical drone masterpiece:

hakoneko – umi no drone

Enough shared plenty of artists with MiMi along the years: ocp, Vortex Sound Tech, Xastre, NNY, Structura, Gilo, Oxygen, Dream Metaphor, ps, Minson, Kenji Siratori, SSTFM, Necrostilet, Sparagmos, Cancro, Organic Anagram, Luis Antero and Boiar. Most of them related to the Portuguese electroacoustic / experimental / ambient noise scene.

I can highlight the following three as personal favorites in a completly subjective matter:

Various Artists – Saudade

ps + nny – frou332v4

Sparagmos – Visceral

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