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Enough Genres: Dubstep

On occasion of our latest compilation release, Enough Dubs 2, it became mandatory to kick start a new section of this blog: A series of posts dedicated to explaining the genres of our releases. Something somewhat redundant to the common music explorer, but we aim to “educate” casual music listeners aswell. And what better way to showcase / explain the sound of coined genre then to offer examples free for download?

So we’ll start with dubstep! Dubstep is a quite relatively recent genre, dating back to 2000 or so. Sprouted from the london underground, somehow in parallel with the jungle / 2-step and grime scenes. Dubstep is mostly focused around the sub-bass sounds, so make sure you got a decent sub-woofer on your sound system.

We only have 3 dubstep releases available on Enough, Enough Dubs 1 and 2 are both compilations, organized by our Germany based friend Dipswitch, having received pretty good feedback. Grit is an album by American project Sick To The Back Teeth.

Click to download our dubstep releases:
[enrcmp10] Enough Dubs
[enrmp237] Sick To The Back Teeth – Grit
[enrcmp14] Enough Dubs 2

Luckily enough, we have videos for all three of these releases. Please check them out, and share them on the social web if you enjoy them :)

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