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Artist Spotlight: Aktivehate

Aktivate is an harsh electro project by ISK. For those who don’t know what harsh electro is, imagine some extremly intense electronic distorted sounds pounding hard with an aggressive dark ominous voice growling in pain and hate.

Or just press play on the youtube player below.

Probably not work friendly wherever you might be located, and defnitly not for the pop hearted, so consider yourself warned. But it’s quite worth checking out regardless if you’re into the genre or not.

Quoting from the site:

aktivehate is the brainchild of ISK, also driving force behind PsychotekTrauma, VexXxeR, Anxiety Disorder and Lokomotiv.

Created in 2007 to explore a slightly different vein of sound, aktivehate evolved into a presence of it’s own, slowly defining itself as more than just a secondary offshoot. Dealing with both hate and love, pain and pleasure, this music strives to touch all the spektrum of human feelings.

Dirty, dark, and vicious. Hurtful, sorrowful and hateful.

If you been following Enough releases catalogue you have seen his work on atleast 5 of our releases.

[enrmp114] PsychotekTrauma – Human
[enrmp176] VexXxeR – Power Industrial
[enrmp197] aktivehate – Corrosive Intent
[enrmp219] aktivehate – Washed in Blood
[enrcmp12] This is Industrial [PT]

Back in 2007 we were throwing around the idea of organizing some alternative electronic concerts. Luiz Soncini suggested a colaboration with Enough Records to kick off the Hypnotikcircuit events in Porto. I said “rock on”, we got a date booked and things started rolling.

I was in charge of putting together a demoshow, to show off the digital art underground; And we needed an active project to showcase his work, Soncini first suggested PsychotekTrauma, which i had listened and loved. Not sure on the order of events anymore but i eventually asked Alex for an EP and a concert, and he agreed. The concert had some technical difficulties but we had a full house none the less.

Hypnotikcircuit is still being organized by Soncini on occasion. The next date is the 29th of January, showcasing another Enough Records release artist by the name of Systemic Failure.

A few months later PsychotekTrauma sadly died out as a project, other projects from Alex, such as Aktivehate, emerged in it’s place. Both of the EPs released at Enough gathered high praise reviews from followers of the genre all over the world. As a curiosity: since their release both of the EPs are two of the highest weekly scrobbled Enough releases on last.fm.

Grapevine has it that the debut CD album “In Terrorem” is coming very soon, probably February, through Advoxya Records. (ad-hun-47-cd. AKTIVE.HATE “In Terrorem” 2010.cd.). So keep your eyes open, if you enjoyed listening to his free music in the past, now is the time to show it and support his work by pre-ordering the CD as soon as it becomes available.

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