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Enough Social Awareness

While updating the Enough Netlabel facebook profile i had an idea which has been brewing into shape during the last couple days.

It all started when i noticed we had received these calls for cause support. Abandoned dogs, children with AIDS, famine aid. I’m sure there are some about Haiti popping up as i type this. There always is one more cause popping up, most of us debacle internally between the sense of guilt / desire to help and the fear of scams / lack of economic willpower to do so.

In fact it’s a very important issue for nowdays society. People living in big cities have grown indiferent to others, they are already so saturated with their own problems, issues and frustrations that they have no time or patience to deal with the beggars, the sick or any utopian causes. There are many rationalisations on why we shouldn’t bother to help: it’s not our problem; i’m paying my taxes let the government handle it; i don’t have time for this; etc.. All of which can also be amply logically refuted into contributing for the better good of everyone. But the issue persists and the general indiference remains. I speak against myself, i rarely donate.

The society scheme we live in forces us into this debacle. In small villages and communities people take care of their own. We in the big city have lost that spirit. We don’t see each other as being one of our own unless they’re close friends or family. And even then, there are plenty of cases mediated where those values have been lost or abused. We are left alone in a world where we should ever more be working as a community to resolve our common problems.

This is a very important issue in our society.

Well, I have a dream.

I dream that with a little imagination we can channel the work we have invested into Enough Records, on a daly basis for the past 8 years, to do some important contribution that might improve this aspect from the society we are all forced to live in. I have a dream to make people care, to legitimize donations to causes, to raise awareness to these important society issues in a manner that will make government officials take steps to change things.

We are not a political party, we are not politically influent. Changes to resolve these matters need to occur deeper in the social structure, much deeper than we as a netlabel will ever manage to lift ail from them. But fuck it, can’t hurt trying, can it? Maybe someone upstairs will actually notice they’re completly wasting their political power on economic powergames instead of fixing the actual social causes that more seriously afflict us and do the right thing. Probably not, they’re probably tied with burocratic bs to be able to do anything about it even if they care, but fuck it, can’t hurt trying.

So the plan is simple:

1) pick and contact a social cause to support

2) do special mixtape cdr with enoughrecords material for them

3) print 100 copies out of our own pockets

4) spamnounce it everywhere that the first 100 people to donate to said cause will get a copy for free

5) don’t profit

6) go to 1)

The disadvantages: personal time invested contacting and verifying social cause, personal time invested doing mixtape, personal time and money invested printing cdrs, personal time invested spamnouncing, personal time invested verifying donations and gathering addresses, personal time and money invested in packaging and shipping everything.

The advantages: promotes the label, promotes new artists, raises awareness to social cause, incentivates free music listeners to support a cause, incentivates non free music listeners to listen to new music.

I considered submitting this project idea for an occasional cultural project support Portuguese arts support. Read the documentation and figured it’s a waste of my time, rather avoid the burocracy and be nike: Just Do It. I’m tired of all the “wait for the budget to be approved” or “market to be open to the new technology” bullshit. That’s a company mentality, not suited for our non-profit hobby. Innovation is not when something new is selling, it’s when you try something new regardless if it’ll work or not. We aim to innovate the netlabel concept at Enough Records, won’t sit and wait for possible support to come through to do it. We’d be sit and waiting all our lives. Screw that.

On a related note: We are looking for volunteers to help out running the label, so if you like free music and have too much free time: please get in touch. We are looking for Reviewers, Event Promoters, Designers, Compilation Organizers, Social Hackers and anyone with the patience to apply for economic support in our behalf, whatever that’s called.

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  1. 10/01/17 at 18:12

    I’m in for helping! I don’t have “too much free time”, but I think I could fit in into the “Compilation Organizers, Social Hackers” categories…

  2. 10/02/20 at 23:16

    hi! i would like to experiment this idea of yours, but maybe on a smaller scale.
    there are a few social causes that i know to be “for real”, serious people doing serious and important work, so your idea sounds quite appealing to me.
    but, like i said, i’m only able to try it on a smaller scale; i can’t afford to print & ship 100 cds (i’m unemployed at the moment, so that doesn’t help ;p), maybe 20 cds or something like that…

  3. 10/02/24 at 07:00

    we’re trying to get the printing scheme side of things rolling smoothly within march, to be able to kick start with a few specific causes in april / may. when we’re ready to roll we’ll post more news and get back in touch with the ones who expressed interest in collaborating. hope this doesn’t die out in interest on either side of things, we believe it’s an idea with good potential. :)

  1. 10/01/17 at 13:17
  2. 10/01/17 at 13:30

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