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[9 Jan] Falésia 3 compilation & Profan / Josué split release party @ Fábrica de Som – Porto

I spent my Saturday locked indoors. It’s now 5 AM and i’m still preparing things for next week’s release party.

Most of the announcement work is done, posted on local scene forums, added the event flyer to myspace, lastfm and facebook. Will probably have to do a couple re-runs to ensure maximum exposure, but the important part from Enough side is complete. Now people will either spot it, like it and snowball it to their friends, or not care. We will find out next week which one is it. Should also print a few posters and flyers to spread around Porto but am not sure we’ll have time to handle that.

But, in the meantime it’s 5AM and i’m still cutting and gluing and folding the cdr covers for both of the releases. We’ll have 20 copies of each to sell at the absurdly cheap price of 2 euros each during the event. Both of them were designed by André Coelho who also participated in both of the releases as a musician. And they are looking damn sweet. Hope to post a couple pictures of the final packages sometime within the next couple days.

André will also play live against me during the venue on the 9th. Sadly his Sektor 304 bandmate João Filipe wasn’t available for the event on the 9th (he’s playing with his other band Eskizofrénicos somewhere else), otherwise we could have had Sektor 304 playing live (who previously released on Enough and recently got an album released under Malignant Records). Instead we’ll have to stick with ps vs André Coelho for the 2nd part of the night, probably playing some industrial dark ambient things.

The opening will be in charge of another local act by the name of Dyman who also participated with a track on Falésia 3 and previously released enrmp222 Island mini-album of ambient / ethereal / glitch sounds with Enough Records a couple months back.

Main concert of the night will be in charge of Coimbra’s psychedelic sludge metal project Josué ‘O Salvador’ em busca de perdição whose long awaited enrmp227 split EP with Profan will be released at the party and be available as cdr at Louie Louie and Lost Underground record stores in Porto. We are still hoping to print a few K7 copies, the artwork is prepared, just missing a little free time to handle the prints and replication.

For those unfamiliar with the releases, Falésia 3 is a dark ambient (and surrounding genres) compilation, the third issue, and probably the last of the series. Falésia aimed to showcase Portuguese dark ambient projects active. We first one (enrcmp06) was organized in co-operation with the seemingly now defunct magazine Elegy Ibérica and was released in 2007, featuring 3 CDs worth of material, with it’s own release party and good social acclaim. I still remember having to fend off extreme right associations to enough derived from this release. Just because we like listening and promote the same music some neo-nazi’s like that doesn’t mean we support those ideals. The second release came out one year after (enrcmp11) with only 2 CDs worth of material and some even more famous names of the Portuguese dark ambient scene. This third and last installment follows the same vein, covering new and old projects alike, all of which hadn’t been presented in the previous 5 CDs of Falésia. The sounds associated with dark ambient range many genres: classical, drone, doom, experimental, field recordings, glitch, industrial, noise, sludge, spoken word. These are only a few of the variations that can easily be attributed to tracks featured on these 3 installments of Falésia, all Portuguese projects. There are more out there, enough for a 4th edition, but we probably won’t organize one, it’s time to close the series and move on to something else.

Falésia 3 tracklist:
01) Dyman – Observa
02) Alex Moore – Aralkum
03) Alice In Wonderland Syndrome – Mast In The Storm
04) Sektor 304 – I’m Not Your Iron Man
05) Ambiansu – The Train’s Bar
06) Canau – ThunderOne09
07) João Farelo – À_M
08) DSM666 – Psicopatia
09) Höllenfahrt – Fragments Of Humanity
10) Hugo Paquete – Stubborness
11) P.I.F.(3,14…) – Não Há Vacas Sagradas

If you have been following Enough Records catalogue numbering closely you must have noticed we skipped a number a couple months ago, this number was enrmp227, the Profan / Josué ‘O Salvador’ split EP catalogue number. The release has been promised for nearly a year now, the tracks themselfs selected for half that long. But there was always a little something that still needed to be fixed, or the artwork was still incomplete, so the release kept being delayed. We have been meaning to release Josué at Enough Records ever since attending a certain mythical concert at Casa Viva where they played for an audience of half a dozen lost souls one of the best sludge / stoner metal concerts i ever had the privilege to attend.

As we mentioned before, the cdrs of this release will be available at Louie Louie and Lost Underground record stores in Porto and we are still hoping to print a few k7 copies to give away at future Josué ‘O Salvador’ concerts, just to keep the k7 spirit alive.

Hope you can attend, or if not atleast enjoy the releases!

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  1. Sergio
    10/01/03 at 21:42

    Quando dizes que terao 20 exemplares de cada release esse é entao o numero total?
    Parece pouco…dá para reservar? :S

    • 10/01/04 at 00:05

      20 da Falésia 3 e 20 de Profan / Josué.

      É capaz de ser pouco de facto mas vamos imprimir mais fornadas. Quem tiver estado presente no evento fica com um exemplar da próxima fornada reservada ao mesmo preço.

  2. António Lopes
    10/01/11 at 22:28

    Muito obrigado por teres inserido a minha colagem. Dá para comprar uma edição da Falésia 3.

    • 10/01/13 at 14:45

      Para comprar? Não.
      Tu recebes uma cópia de graça pela participação :)

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